Nuclear Bro-Liferation!


A Brutal cooperative Card Game for 1-4 players

Nuclear Bro-liferation is a cooperative card game for 1-4 players. Each player is handed a hero (bro) and two decks are shuffled, the battle deck and the grunt deck. The battle deck consists of alien monsters, mishaps, and upgrades. The grunt deck is a support deck which can also be a threat to players.
Also, two special boss monsters are added to the battle deck, one in the middle and one at the end.

Players take turns drawing cards from the battle deck and adding monsters to the battle zone (in the middle of the table.) Players can then do one action, which is usually attacking monsters. Players may also purchase upgrades, heal wounds, or knock a fellow bro to his senses if he is distracted by a mishap. Then a grunt support card is drawn. This card either helps finish off a monster or hurts the player with friendly fire. Finally, the monster strength in the battle zone is added up and divided by four, this is the damage the player will take if he doesn’t have any armor.

Players take turns until the whole battle deck is defeated, including those tough, special monsters. Special monsters have fiendish abilities that hinder players’ upgrades and attacks. If a bro is killed, he is not out of the battle. He will provide spiritual wisdom as a bhrost. Meaning, he will draw two grunts and pick the best outcome each turn. Only one bro needs to survive the battle to win. If the players win, they move on to wave two of four. Upgrades are removed making these waves much more deadly.

Nuclear Bro-liferation is made up of 110 cards, including a deck of eleven special monsters and eighteen mishaps to keep waves of play different. The Kickstarter is planned for Spring 2018 and will be available for purchase at this site thereafter. The goal of Nuclear Bro-liferation is to create a simple, fun core game with a lot of charm, which can be expanded later with additional upgrade decks if players want. As a designer, I know that experienced players will clamor for new special monsters, mishaps, bro characters, and a complicated skill progression system that advances characters through waves. With even a moderate success, these expansions are guaranteed. Thanks for your support.