About the Living FAQ

The Living FAQ is an ongoing rules clarification page. The rules have been written as carefully as possible, but rare game issues need to be addressed. If you run into a rules issue, just email Famous Card games via the Contact Page. Word your question as simple as possible. A yes or no question is best. These emails are forwarded directly to game developer/artist Dave's phone and he may get back to you sooner than you think. Tough questions will be added to the FAQ. Enjoy the game!

Bhrost Questions

1. If you die before you draw a grunt card, do you still benefit from the bhrost ability to draw two cards? Yes. Sometimes you die earlier in your turn by drawing a mishap or the Divorce Court special monster.

2. When you are a bhrost and you draw 2 cards, Reinforce and another, if you chose the other do you still reshuffle the grunt deck with Reinforce? Yes.

Mishaps Questions

1. If you draw Affirmative Action on the first turn, do you still draw an extra card (5 total)? Yes. What If you draw two mishaps on the first turn, you take the first one and pass the second one (Affirmative Action) to your bro to the left. Do you draw an extra card or wait for his turn? Wait for his turn to draw an additional card.

2. If Socialism is drawn, but only one bro is alive, does he share his kills with his bhrosts? Nope. Nothing changes hands.

3. Socialism is hard to divide evenly. What do I do? Yes... Socialism is a big mess isn't it? Try to remember who had the least, second least, etc. and give the most to the least and onward. The rich must pay their fair share after all! The player who drew socialism should try to divide as evenly as possible but makes the final decision on inequality, to his own benefit if he likes. Do not change out kills from the Battle Zone. If someone ends up with with a bigger share, so be it!

4. On the first turn, while drawing four cards, if the first player draws a mishap, fulfills its requirement, and draws another mishap, does he keep the new one or pass it to the next player? He passes it to the next player to his left.

Special Monster Questions

1. If Exceptionally Large Bang is killed and removes the last special monster, is that okay? Yes. In fact that sounds like a good idea.

Grunt Questions

1. If Reinforce is drawn, but it is the last card with no additional cards to draw, what happens? The player takes two random cards from the discard deck for the Reinforce ability, then he shuffles the whole grunt deck.

General Questions

No questions yet.

Competitive Mode Questions

1. Do players have to keep there kills (total) visible during play? Yes.